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Perfect ProAms

Gather up your golf buddies because it's time to assemble the squad for Perfect ProAms. Our events are tons of fun, with parties and games, but on the golf course, it's time to put the game face on. We run a variety of team and individual competitions to get your juices flowing.

The format is team combined best ball, which means everyone plays their own ball and the team records two scores per hole. Combine One gross and One net score together (Gross score counting first).

Now every good team needs a ringer and we provide just that through our talented pool of tour professional golfers. It's nice having a teammate that pours on the birdies and makes a bogey once a month. Sign up with a team and we'll set you up with a talented tour professional (or you can bring your own pro).

The Pro-Am At Camelback is our next event and it's May 1-3, 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Click on the button below to visit the event page.

The Pro-Am At Camelback 2020

Our most recent event took place in Las Vegas on Oct 27-29, 2019. Click the blue button below to visit the recap page and see what our events are like.

2019 Vegas Recap