Opening Party

At the Chandelier Bar

Our ProAm kicked off with our Opening Party at the sophisticated Chandelier Bar inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Guests sipped on cocktails and appetizers while getting to meet one another before Day 1.

Anthem Country Club

Round 1

The cold weather couldn’t keep our group from having a great day at Anthem Country Club.

The 15-team field was separated into three flights of five. The goal was to place top-2 in the flight and advance to the shootout at the end. This was a 36-hole competition and the scoring format was team combined best ball.

Anthem Country Club was in pristine condition, and with the gusty winds, proved to be a tough challenge for all the golfers.

Break the Glass

This game is harder than it looks but you wouldn't be able to tell from this shot from tour professional, Spencer Mellon.

The game was simple

1) Bet an amount

2) Hit the glass and you were able to "spin the wheel" to see what kind of odds paid out.

Round 1 Results

Flight 1:

  • 1st place: Team Carlton Woods (-14)
  • 2nd place: Dahhh Raiiidahhhs (-13)

Flight 2:

  • 1st place: Team DM 5 (-14)
  • 2nd place: Team SuperDraft (-12)

Flight 3:

  • 1st place: Team Smashley (-9)
  • 2nd place: Team Lucy (-7)

Wildcard spot: Team Surf & Turf

Rio Secco Golf Club

Round 2

The second day brought warmer temperatures, a calm wind and great golf!

Time to bring out the skills on Day 2 and see how the teams end up after two fun days of golf.

Rio Secco was looking good and the views of the strip made it picturesque for our guests.

Results After 36-Holes

The following teams advanced to the championship shoot-out.

Flight 1:

  • 1st place: Team Carlton Woods: (-28)
  • 2nd place: Team Dahh Raiidahhhs (-27)

Flight 2:

  • 1st place: Team SuperDraft (-35)
  • 2nd place: Team DM 5 (-33)

Flight 3:

  • 1st place: Team Lucy (-24)
  • 2nd place: Team Whitetail Club (-22)

Wildcard Spot: Team Smashley (-22)

The Shoot-Out

Each of the teams that qualified for the shootout chose three players to represent the team and play in alternate shot format.

7 teams qualified for the shootout. 4 teams were eliminated after 2 holes. 3 teams played the last two holes until we had a winner.

Holes #15-18 were used for the shootout which included a Par 4 - Par 3 - Par 5 - Par 4.

The perk for posting the lowest overall team score after 36-holes was a bye into the second half of the shootout so Team SuperDraft sat back and relaxed as the rest of the qualifiers made their way to the first hole.

4 Teams Eliminated

2 Teams Advance

All 6 teams made a par on the first hole of the shootout so it would come down to the second hole, a tough par-3 over water with a tucked pin.

A couple teams fell victim to the tucked pin over water and had to take a drop. Team Dahh Raiidahhs was the first time to strike as Chad Gamblin rolled in a slick downhill 30-footer for birdie. The teams that made par went to a sudden death chip-off to determine which team advanced with Dahh Raiidahhs.

Professional DK Kim from Team DM 5 was first up and his shot ended up behind the flag about 8 feet away. Team Lucy was the other team in the chip-off and they decided to send in their captain, Lucy Robson.

Lucy Robson hit a solid pitch shot starting just right of the pin and rolling out about the same distance away as the other ball. It would come down to inches as Team DM 5 advanced. With this narrow margin, Team DM 5 would face Team SuperDraft and Team Dahh Raiidahhs in the second half of the playoff. Which was holes 17-18 of Rio Secco.

The Final 3 Teams

The second half of the shootout included the final 3 teams to play the last two holes, #17-18 at Rio Secco. The best score at the end would be the champions.

Team SuperDraft: Pro - Paul Imondi, AM - Steve Wang, AM - Ricky Stroude

Team Dahh Raiidahhs: Pro - Spencer Fletcher, AM - Alejandra Schnider, AM - Chad Gamblin

Team DM 5: Pro - DK Kim, AM - Dan Cougill, AM - Bill Murphy

After hole 17, Team SuperDraft and Team Dahh Raiidahhs made a par and team DM 5 made a bogey.

Moving on the last hole, everyone drove it down the middle except Team SuperDraft, who's tee shot ended up in the desert.

DK Kim from Team DM 5 hit his approach to 40 feet and Alejandra Schnider from Team Dahh Raiidahhs hit her approach to 30 feet.

Steve Wang from SuperDraft punched it out of the desert, setting up Pro - Paul Imondi with a 50 yard pitch.

After all the dust settled, we had two teams that were tied. Team DM 5 vs Team Dahh Raiidahhs.

Two Teams in a Playoff

The playoff was a 50 yard pitch shot with both teams playing alternate shot until holed.

Team DM 5 ended up 15 feet underneath the pin. and Team Dahh Raiidahhs settled 15 feet above the pin.

First to go was Bill Murphy from Team DM 5. His putt looked good the whole way but barely missed on the right side.

Chad Gamblin was up next with a putt for the win.

Chad put a great roll on the slick downhiller as the ball appeared to move in slow motion. Chad raised his hand in the air and the ball dropped in the center of the cup. What an amazing finish to the event! Congratulations to Team Dahh Raiidahhs for winning the 2019 SuperDraft Pro-Am!!!

Awards Party

After play, everyone was anxious to see who won and would get to pick from our Prize Pool.

Our teams that qualified for the Shootout were able to pick from some amazing gifts.

Thank you to the following sponsors who donated gifts

Blast Motion


Monarch Beach Golf Links

Mike Malaska Golf

Cleveland Golf

Alignment Pro

The Pill

Watson Golf "Hangar"

Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy

Aluminati Skateboards

SuperSpeed Golf

Srixon Golf


A special thanks to our title sponsor, SuperDraft, for making this event possible. Shout out to PXG for sponsoring the driving range and setting up fittings with our participants. Surf and Turf Golf hooked up sweet lids for everyone and thank you to Chippo Golf for providing product for our closest to the pin contests.

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