Founder of Perfect ProAms, Micah Burke, on the Stick and Hack Show

In this episode of The Stick and Hack Show, we’re excited to have Micah Burke join us from California. Micah owns Perfect ProAms – a fantastic company bringing “golf fanatics together for competition, parties, and a whole lot of action.” The unique golf format pairs amateurs and pros for a two-day tournament. Forget what you know about ProAms. Micah’s goal is to ramp up the intensity and competitive vibe. Still a whole lot of fun though!

Mike and Adam talk also Tiger, the feel good story of the year, and introduce a new segment to the show: Dumb Things… in which they talk about things they think are dumb in golf.

"It's sounds like a member guest on steriods"

- Mike and Adam from the Stick and Hack Show - The Most Sophisticated Golf Show In The World

"It's going to be hard to top this fellas. You guys set the bar extremely high."

- Dorian Zuleta - Amateur golfer, Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA

"The Perfect ProAm staff were great & went out of their way to make this a fun event"

Robert "Big Spence" Spencer - Tonto Verde GC - Rio Verde, AZ

“I learned more in 5 hours playing with a pro than 5 years playing with my buddies”

- Ray Karvis - Amateur golfer, M.S.Ed., CSCS, Phoenix AZ

"You guys are doing a great job with Perfect ProAms. Each event is better and I know it'll continue to get better and better. I'm ready for the next one!"

Taylor Artman - CEO Surf & Turf Golf - Oklahoma City, OK

"The staff was very accommodating and I enjoyed the chipping and putting challenges"

Alex Schider - Amateur Golfer- Las Vegas, NV

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